A crazy world

  The world has gone mad. We got a boiling atmosphere, an impoverished biodiversity and everything wild on a fast track toward extinction, a stockmarket on rollercoaster, a country of adulterated milk and faked everything, a group of muslims running amok, bombing all the way, a god obsessed American president , an HIV, starvation-ridden continent full of bloody diamonds and ethnical manslaughtering, etc.etc. Too bad! You can’t help but wonder where are the good-sensed civilization. What we, humankind, have done seems to wreck havoc on the earth to the detriment of mankind ourselves. All these just don’t make any sense.
   All of us, so called researchers, immersed in mountains of literature, oceans of bacteria and culture medium, are trying to figure out some tiny mystery about nature and life while our fates are completely at the mercy of some heart-less politicians. They are willing to spend hundreds of billions of dollars to manufacture man-slaughtering machines, yet wince on adding a couple millions of dollars on life-saving medical research, life-enriching physics and astronomy exploration. They take delight in showing off perfectness and extravagance to foreigners while leaving millions of their fellow compatriots poisoned or starved. They squabble and buck-passing about responsibility while choking the whole world. What an ugly show we all get these days!     


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