The besieged torch

     The Olympic torch relay has met so much trouble this year and generated lots, lots of business for public media. It is supposed to symbolize the Olympic ideal and peace. But it is also heavily politicalized. Aboudant of political protests embroiled it ever since its conception. And incidentally, the torch relay was first introduced by Hitler supporters and used to promote Nazi ideology. If we look at the history of the torch relay, protests asides, we can see the relay has become longer and increasingly wasteful. This year, there will be tens of thousands of torchbearers, hundreds of thousands of kilometers routes, 113 cities in China alone. It even includes climbing of Mount Everest. Though it’s not a bad idea to use torch relay to inspire and encourage people’s recoginition of the Olympic ideal, this is just way too ostentatious and over the top in my personal opinion. It should be good enough to relay in a representative city(or a limited number of places) on each continent and go back to the host country(113 domestic cities are way too wasteful). It doesn’t make much sense to put a fire on a mountain top and say "well, this means the highest embodiment of Olympic spirit". Really? Does this mean relaying on the ground is very low embodiment of Olympic spirit? why not put the torch on an airplane and fly well over Mount Everest? Or put it on Space Shuttle and carry it to the International Space Station. That’s much much higher than Mount Everest. Do Peace and Olympic spirit have anything to do with a boastful and meaningless mountainclimbing showoff? I hardly see it. Instead, Olympic spirit will be truely and fully revealed in the games, not in an over-revered, symbolic relay.


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