We need a Chinese version of “An Inconvenient Truth”

      " What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know.
         It’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so."
                                                                      —Mark Twain
   As I have discussed several times in my blog, global warming has become one of the biggest and the most pressing crises, probably along with nuclear proliferation, that ever exist in front of human being. One of the most successful and influential documentary that specifically publicizes global warming, raises public awareness and advocates the countermeasure is Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. It is indeed a forceful, persuasive and inspiring presentation. A successful politician in US tend to be a charismatic and adept presenter. Such an excellent communicating skill can be used for either good or evil and we common people generally equal politicians to shameless hypocrites, weasels who care only his political agenda and money regardless of truth and justice.  But when a skillful politician puts off his official title, takes the scientific truth seriously and reserves a high responsibility for human society as a whole, he will become an unparalleled messenger for mankind’s common good. He made the most up-to-date scientific data about global warming accessable to the general audience, including laypeople, and presented them faithfully and sccinctly in an engaging way. I am impressed very much by his sincerity and skill.
   But most of his live stories, examples are based on American’s experience and life style. They will resonate with western audience’s own feelings and definitely impress them the most, but probably not Chinese. It will be perfect if there is a Chinese version of An Inconvenient Truth presented by an equally charismatic person using our familiar stories and scenes. And it must suit the different and difficult situation in China, a developing country with astonishingly unbalanced development. It shouldn’t be too hard to find a good candidate. I doubt if Chinese film makers have the impetus and determination to make one. But,  will people have the interest and patience to watch it and appreciate it in such a feverish and relentless money-chasing environment?

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