A sigh for the forgotten heroes

   Internet surfing is normally a waste of time. Nonetheless, we seem to be addicted to it. But occasionally, it can bring about some new thoughts to our bored, information-overloaded mind. Just now, I accidentally came across an online video footage about the infamous but taboo "June fourth incident". In that turbulent year, I was merely a third grade elementary student with a tiny bit of memory about it. Due to obvious reasons, today’s Chinese young students including myself know little about it and rarely, if ever, talk about it. This video told me about the forgotten history of Chinese students and China.  Frankly speaking, I don’t think I can fully appreciate the wholehearted devotion to our country, the heroic courage, passion and faith to their ideals, and the desperate feeling when they faced the tanks and guns.  But I certainly shuddered at the stunning cruelty and the shameless lies. 
            "History repeats itself. that’s one of the things that’s wrong with history"
   When I watched the old footage from "May Fourth movement" and turned back to " June fourth", I can feel the truth of this famous quotation.
   Somehow, I wish I hadn’t have opened this video. Maybe, ignorance can relieve me from this particular sorrow. If what Lenin said "Forgetting the past means betrayal" is right, if what the great writer Mr. Lu Xun said "The true warrior dare to face dripping blood, …, and advance tenaciously" is right, then how much we have betrayed and how much we have advanced cowardly?  Time may wash everything into oblivion, but it can also do it discriminably. We can vividly commemorate those brave students almost a century ago, but unfairly shun the equally courageous students 18 years ago. How revealing our hypocrisy is!     

1 Response to A sigh for the forgotten heroes

  1. Chao说道:

    Couple of months ago, I read something about that event and did a little bit searches. I was totally shocked.  I think I got the same kind of feelings as you did. How to say, we were too young and knew too little. I think everything happens under contain circumstance, and it happened as it happened. Anyway, history will speak.


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