There is always some light.

     There are always plenty of disppointments, sadness or anger out there. Dr. Fang Zhouzi faced three libel charges, three unforgivable and deplorable dark spots on Chinese legal system. History will remember the shames and unjustice in the name of justice, what absurd courts and pitiful judges.  It’s really hard to imagine that in 21st century our defenders and exceutors of justice are so ignorant and petty-minded.
     A real master passed away. Dr. Zou Chenglu, a prominent Biochemist, a member of Chinese Academy of Science ( the title which he truly deserves.)  and an open critic of Chinese scientific fraud,  died a weed ago. As a student of Biochemistry, I want to salute him with respect and sorrow.
     The news about the public trial and parade of the sex workers in Shenzhen is disturbing. Given the development and enlightment of modern humanitarianism,  such an unsympathetic, callous, barbaric and inhumane trial shouldn’t be practiced. Still some may applaud it. I can’t think of any word other than cold-hearted to decribe this attitude.  The general indifference and insensitivity toward strangers ( the people not directly related to you in any ways), the social stigma and subsequent heartless prejudice and discrimination glued on any person involved in sex works or scandal, no matter how vulnerable, pathetic they are.  I feel truly regretful that these attitudes are still common in my motherland.
     I have my own disappointment in my tiny personal world also.  However disppointing they may be, I found great comfort in the wonderful work of the great astronomer Carl Sagan, a brief moment maybe, for I’m reading one of his books Pale Blue Dot. Incidentally November 9 was his birthday, to which, I shall pay tribute.  Thank him for bringing us the grandeur of the cosmos.
( Quote from Pale Blue Dot. )   


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