A solemn day

      My crapy computer was on strike again, after only two months of Dell company repair which costed me $450. I was so irritated that I decided to format my computer and reinstall OS again. I know everyone was laughing at me for I was trapped and fooled by damned Dell, but I can do nothing more than fixing it by myself because my poor wallet can’t afford a new one.  After reinstallation, it does ran much faster and more smooth. And today I downloaded Openoffice and prepared to say ‘Goodbye Microsoft Office’. Openoffice was an open software and completely free. It’s also smaller than Microsoft’s resource eater Office.  It’s said to be complete compatible with Microsoft Office or other office software and it has all funtions and features that Microsoft Office has. Sounds very promising and attactive. But I have to spend several days trying it out before I say any comments.
      Today is a solemn day. I just watched the full coverage " inside 9/11" on Nationalgeographic Channel and it was the first time that I saw the whole scenario and accounts on that terrible day. Especially when the two once-kissing-the-sky twin towers collapsed, with thousands of people inside, I felt completely stunned and terrified, even now five years later. The greatest acheivement of ten millenniums’ human civilization vanished within two hours under the attack of another great invention carrrying civilians. What a horrible accomplishment of some mad brains! The tears, cries and the blood and steels reminded us those fallen lives, heroes and the grim reality.  The last sentence of the program was spoken out from the maddest man ever —" We love death, the US loves life…", which I can hardly believe it’s out of a humanbeing’s mouth. Again it warns us we would never underestimate the impact that certain human cultures can bring about. They could immunize people against all appeals for love, pity, agaist the very very basic desire of life—to be alive, the fear of death, and automatically cancel the importance of other people’s life.  Amid such a wonderful and aloudable progress of humanity, there is still a long way ahead for humanity to go. Peace is far-away.

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