Masters? or ……

   I called Dr. Qiu Fazu(裘法祖) a master three days ago. People invited by CCTV"大家" may be and should be called masters. However it seems I have to add two quotation marks and a question mark on these "masters" now. Too often a seemingly wellknown and reputable Chinese scientist turns out to be a liar, a cheater, a thief. The future of Chinese scientific research does look hazy.
   Scientists, especially high-profile, outstanding scientists are supposed to be one of the most honest and reliable group. This is determined by the property of their profession—looking for the truth. However in China,  more and more high-profile scientist have been revealed( or they demonstrated themselves, like Dr. Xiao Chuanguo(肖传国)) to us what kind of people they actually are. No wonder people become skeptical about everything. To trust nobody even becomes a tenet. Such a sad and disappointing time.

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