No one watching World Cup

   I’m in no way a soccer fan. But I still enjoy watching soccer games. I like no particular teams as long as they play well. Normally Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Spain, England, Italy are all very good. So I like them all the same. Sometimes African teams gave us a lot of surprise, then I like them even more. Unfortunately, in this sense, Asian teams seldom become my favorite, let alone the poor Chinese national men’s soccer team. Sometimes it could be a pain and shame to watch their games.
   This year’s Germany World Cup has begun for several weeks. On weekends I will watch some games as a relax. But there is only one Amerian TV channel—12ABC showed just several games. And only at that time you will be able to see something, advertisement, news or whatever,  that reminds you there is World Cup games going on. So in most time, I have to switch to a spanish channel, which shows every game. Although I can understand no single spanish, I can still enjoy the game. Spanish commentators are so emotional and ecstatic that it’s really fun to hear his sudden exclamation of happiness or anger. Culture tradition is so powerful. Although almost the whole globe is fanatic about soccer now, Americans care nothing about it except his own soccer team.  Football, baseball, basketball are undoubtedly dominating common Americans’ sports nerve, leaving no space for soccer(except women’s soccer). 
   Quite ironically, though American soccer team plays pretty well, American media pay little addention to soccer sports.  On the contrary, though Chinese soccer teams always play horribly bad, all Chinese media are fanatic about soccer. They are just flooded with news and comments about soccer. I’m wondering those Chinese media (especially websites) may write more articles and news about soccer than any other country, but they seem to igore many other equally or more important things(such as scientific finding and breakthrough, disasters, etc).

2 Responses to No one watching World Cup

  1. lin说道:


  2. 说道:

    I have to admit I’m not so emotional and I myself need more relax.
    But Jade’s words remind me of a lovely book I read not long ago—" The nature of happiness". I’m going to translate some part of it and introduce to my friends.


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