Master stumbles

  Just read the news on XYS about the court case that Dr. Xiao Chuanguo(肖传国) sued Dr. Fang Zhouzi (方舟子) in Wu Han city. I don’t know much about neurobiology, so I can’t tell if Dr. Xiao really falsified or made a huge scientific discovery. But at least from his open letter and those rude, snobby, dirty and irresponsible words, I can hardly believe he is a reputable and decent scientist. No wonder Dr. Fang intends to charge him with slander.  If I was him, I will certainly do that immediately.
   But it’s more surprising that the highly prominent and celebrated member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dr. Qiu Fazu(裘法祖), appeared in the court house. He fiercely defended his student and rebuked Dr. Fang. His charge of Dr. Fang is completely unfair and unreasonable. I don’t understand such a respectable scientist "master" will ignore so many scientific misconducts in Chinese Academy of Sciences and, on the contrary, accuse a brave scientist who dare to unveil them and defend science’s integrity. Just several days ago, my friends talked to me about him. They saw Dr. Qiu on CCTV"大家" and respected him enormously. I think he deserves this respect. Sadly, master may also stumble. Maybe he is too old and cheated by his beloved student. An unpleasant mistake in his long successful life.


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